CT (Midday): 6-6-0DC (Midday): 3-0-4DE (Midday): 1-2-7FL (Midday): 8-9-0GA (Midday): 3-4-4IA (Midday): 7-9-6IL (Midday): 6-2-2IN (Midday): 7-9-6KS (Midday): 3-7-0KY (Midday): 8-9-1MD (Midday): 7-3-5ME (Midday): 0-6-5MI (Midday): 2-0-6MO (Midday): 0-5-9NH (Midday): 0-6-5NJ (Midday): 3-5-3NY (Midday): 0-7-7OH (Midday): 4-7-4PA (Midday): 1-9-4PR (Midday): 4-9-2SC (Midday): 5-4-2TN (Morning): 9-9-0TN (Midday): 4-3-0TX (Morning): 0-6-8TX (Midday): 2-6-3VA (Midday): 0-7-9VT (Midday): 0-6-5WI (Midday): 1-9-1
CT (Midday): 4-4-2-1DC (Midday): 2-6-1-3DE (Midday): 6-0-5-5FL (Midday): 7-5-7-3GA (Midday): 7-4-3-6IA (Midday): 7-2-1-7IL (Midday): 6-4-2-0IN (Midday): 7-2-1-7KY (Midday): 2-9-7-3MA (Midday): 6-7-7-4MD (Midday): 3-2-1-4ME (Midday): 7-3-4-3MI (Midday): 8-6-6-3MO (Midday): 6-4-3-1NH (Midday): 7-3-4-3NJ (Midday): 5-4-9-3NY (Midday): 1-9-8-6OH (Midday): 8-0-9-4PA (Midday): 1-5-7-1PR (Midday): 1-0-0-5RI (Midday): 1-1-0-0SC (Midday): 2-5-5-0TN (Morning): 2-4-8-8TN (Midday): 8-6-0-3TX (Morning): 6-9-4-8TX (Midday): 2-2-1-5VA (Midday): 0-7-5-8VT (Midday): 7-3-4-3WI (Midday): 6-9-3-8

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