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Lottery Tools & Utilities Dashboard – This section contains various Lottery Tools & Utilities, which are useful for performing lottery data analysis and play smart by every Lottery Player.

Lottery Results Based Tools

Property Description Membership
Yearly Calendar View(Premium Feature)
Generates Yearly Calendar View for selected Game
Monthly Calendar View(Premium Feature)
Generates Monthly Calendar View along with Specific Statistics for selected Game
Today In HistoryShows Winning Numbers Draws on Today’s date in Previous YearsGold & Silver
Daily Lottery ResultsShows Latest Daily Results for all the states.
The results are displayed with Winning Number along with its VTRAC number.
Historical Lottery Results Search Allows to Search Lottery Results.
Result includes additional details:
1. SUM
2. Root Sum
3. Box & VTRACs
4. Mirror & Mirror Last Seen
5. Other important Attributes.
Mirror State Results(Premium Feature)
Display Results for Mirror States for the Selected State
Advanced Lottery Results with Date Filters(Premium Feature)
Allows to show Lottery Results using Date Based Advanced Filters
Winning Numbers – Pattern Analysis(Premium Feature)
Lottery Results for Pattern Analysis.
VTRAC Winning Numbers – Pattern Analysis(Premium Feature)
VTRAC Results for Pattern Analysis.