Traveling States Tracker

Traveling States Tracker tool allows all members to easily find the Traveling or Mirror states for their primary state. Website Members can use this tool to easily track Traveling States for PICK 3 and PICK 4 lottery games for all states.

You can find more specific details and how to use this tool using below mentioned self-guided video.

Tool Page in Website: Traveling States Tracker

Please note that GOLD membership is required for this feature.

Primary State: Primary State is defined as the State for which users want to find the corresponding Traveling or Mirror States.

Traveling States: Traveling states are defined as those states which draw many of the same winning number combinations , that Primary state draws in a specific time frame.

Tool Benefit: Finding out the Traveling or Mirror state, helps to check what number combinations are most probable to be drawn , assuming the trend of traveling states continue. Such information gives a good and smart way to filter the number list to play based on past historical trends of lottery results across multiple states.

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