Coming Soon – Daily Discussion Board

To All Site Visitors,

The website will soon launch a Daily Discussion Board, that will provide a collaborative platform to all site visitors and users to effectively communicate together, share their ideas, predict numbers and much more on everyday basis. A new discussion board will be created everyday, that will help all of us to focus exclusively on same day discussions.

All website users will also have an option to simply select older discussion boards to look for any valuable information on any particular day along with a search option to quickly look for important information posts by all users.

Here is the glimpse of the daily discussion board. It will create a new discussion board everyday, with pyramid workout and some additional useful information.

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2 years ago

My address 878 hit in NC today, LMB nailed it! On predictions! Thanks for all you do, Lmb

3 years ago

Nice, love it. Example tip: if a number repeats play it’s mirror.

3 years ago

This will be good. Thanks for adding this. We can all contribute our knowledge and help others.
Thanks again for all your work.
Now go rest!

Last edited 3 years ago by Charloote