PICK 4 – BOX Combinations

The following table lists all possible PICK 4 BOX combinations. There are total 210 Singles and 360 doubles combinations in PICK 4. This is a helpful chart to pick the numbers to play based on the desired playing strategy and can be used as a good filter strategy for selecting the correct number combinations by lottery players.


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Gwen Mathew
Gwen Mathew
8 months ago

Cash 4 do it goes the same? Us the same rundown for cash 4. What im going.to do is sit down and take my time and work on my numbers.

Dominic Ward
Dominic Ward
8 months ago
Reply to  Gwen Mathew

You can normally see a pattern between the pick 3 and your pick 4 qp I would suggest grab a few and see how it works out for you.