Select State Dashboard – PICK 4

PICK 4 State Dashboard contains all necessary analytical information needed for a particular state. This dashboard can be used by any lottery player to analyze all the key elements of the PICK 4 game of their choice of state.

The State Dashboard contains the following information for the selected State:

Winning Numbers Pattern Analysis
VTRAC Winning Number Pattern Analysis
Positional Frequency Analysis
Sum , Root Sum and Sum Last Digit Frequencies
1. Overdue VTRAC Numbers
2. Overdue Number Triads
3. Overdue Number Triads (Triples Only)
4. Overdue Number Triads (Doubles Only)
5. Overdue Number Triads (Singles Only)
6. Overdue VTRAC Triads
7. Overdue VTRAC Triads (Triples Only)
8. Overdue VTRAC Pairs (Doubles Only)
9. Overdue VTRAC Triads (Singles Only)
Miscellaneous Attribute(s) Frequency
1. Even Odd
2. High Low
3. Inside Out
4. Spike Trough
5. Bottom Mid Top
6. Close Open Straight

State Dashboard – Pick 4